Hospice Care

The Advance Hospice Care Program is all about helping you help your patients. You receive the strength of strong clinicians working with you every day, who understand the best therapies available for patient care as well as the need to reduce the cost of medications.

Hospice Care

Advance Care Pharmacy provides, medications as well as consultative services to offer support and convenience to hospice care providers. We have served hospice since 2003, and have developed a strong understanding of the unique needs of hospice caregivers and their patients. Our pharmacy's main focus is to provide the most expert pharmaceutical management for end-of-life patients.

At Advance Care Pharmacy, we understand the complexities and urgent needs of hospice care. We recognize that each patient's condition is unique and can change daily or even hourly. Our pharmacists are experts in pain management and provide recommendations to physicians & caregivers on the most effective drug therapy.

We Earn Your Trust

Our company is based on a solid, dependable, highly-ethical reputation. Maintaining our credibility and trustworthiness is top priority.

We Help You Strike a Balance

We will help you control prescription drug costs an increase the level of care you provide your patients.

Additional Services & Products

In addition to supplying medications, our comprehensive medication management program includes a complete medication review & profiling of your patients, so we can find the best solution to meet their individual needs.

Advance Care Pharmacy Also Offers the Following:

  • Customized Comfort Kits:
    • Developed to address urgent hospice issues by having immediate access to the proper medications for the most common end-of-life symptoms. We currently we provide 6 types of comfort kits; however we can design a kit tailored your individual hospice needs.
  • Extensive Medications Inventory:
    • To ensure access to the medication most needed by hospice patients, & to avoid sudden & unexpected drug shortages.
  • Specially Compounded Medications:
    • Such as creams, suspensions and suppositories to meet your patient's changing needs. We are experts in the area of pain management and wound care.